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These luxury set of 10 C6 recycled FSC craft paper envelopes come complete with a hand printed nature motif. There are 5 different motifs. As these are hand printed by us, you can order:

Option 1: a 10 pack of 5 motifs x 2.

Option 2: a 10 pack of 1 motif of your choosing.

Option 3: a 10 pack with 2 motifs of your choosing (please send a message with your choices for this option.

The ink used in these designs is water-based and non-toxic. All of the stamps used to make this product are eco-friendly.

Shipping is free in the UK only. The envelopes are dispatched in two working days and are sent by second class delivery to the UK only. We do not use belly bands or put the envelopes into eco-cellophane packets as we are trying to be as sustainable as possible. We send the envelopes in a C6 recycled hardback envelope, so that your envelopes do not bend.

C6 hand printed floral motif envelopes (pack of 10)

  • Delivery in 1-3 business

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