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Why we have chosen to be naked?

8 million greeting cards are bought and sent each year in the UK. While most greeting cards are made from FSC sustainable or recycled card stock, surprisingly 33% greeting card products end up in landfill due to the fact that the greeting card is made of unrecyclable components. These include:

  1. Glitter

  2. Embellishments such as ribbon, ?…

  3. Lamination finishes such as acrylic gloss lamination that form a plastic film, making it impossible to remove the lamination from the card product and essentially ensuring that it ends up in landfill.

You can see the effects of lamination in this video.

That is why our greeting cards are not only made from FSC sustainable or recycled paper but are completely naked without lamination using non-toxic organic inks so that they can be composted or recycled in your home bin. We also now print in house which means that not only does it reduce our carbon footprint, but that we can also only print cards based on our actual orders, reducing waste and our environmental impact.

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